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VivaStick Recovery Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD // 2.2oz


Enjoy VivaStick Recovery 500mg broad spectrum CBD in our new and convenient no-mess stick. Easily apply to achy joints and muscles at home or on-the-go. As for those hard-to-reach body aches, our recovery stick will give you the extra hand that you need.


How do the ingredients in VivaStick Recovery support muscle and joint recovery?


Our goal has always been to formulate products that work, with as few ingredients as possible. We achieved it! Have a look at our clean 7 ingredient list.


Counteract discomfort with the cooling sensation of menthol and the ache-relieving benefits of camphor. THC-removed broad spectrum CBD infused creams provide benefit when applied topically for targeted relief. Experience reduced aches, tenderness, and redness. A natural hemp terpene called limonene has been found to absorb through the skin barrier very easily, while helping to shuttle combined compounds, such as CBD along with it. This is beneficial when applying CBD for targeted relief, as limonene works to achieve greater absorption and results.


VivaStick Recovery offers revival and recovery, even if you can never stop moving!

VivaStick Recovery - Broad Spectrum 500mg

  • Ingredients: Coconut Oil (RDB, Organic), Apricot Oil, Beeswax, Menthol, Camphor, Self Emulsifying Wax N (SLS-Free), Hemp Cannabinoid Extract (Broad Spectrum)

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