• Contains THC (< 0.3%)
  • Free From PG / VG / MCT / Vitamin E Acetate
  • Only 2 Ingredients, Both 100% Natural to the Hemp Plant


Our new filtration technology has allowed us to create a Full Spectrum Vape holding the maximum concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, while retaining trace THC below 0.3%, in compliance with federal regulations.


Viva Full Spectrum CBD Vape contains the full mix of cannabinoids found within our hemp - this includes high concentrations of CBD and CBG, with trace amounts of THC (< 0.3%, as per federal regulation).


Our hemp extract is paired with only one other ingredient - naturally occuring hemp terpenes. These are the essential oils within hemp that create its recognizable flavor and smell. Natural evolution has been kind to hemp as over 200 terpenes have been identified belonging to the plant. More important to note, research shows that hemp terpenes provide a myriad of beneficial properties.


This seasons strain is: LIFTER


LIFTER is a trusted staple in the hemp flower world. Users can expect a gentle cerebral focus and energy paired with a calm sense of control. Lifter brings with it flavors of sweet funk and lemon. It is a great strain for day or night.


- Love at first puff -


LIFTER holds a rich terpene profile, to include:


  • Limonene (24%)
  • Myrcene (11%)
  • Caryophyllene (10%)
  • Pinene (4%)


Vaporized CBD oil is smoke-free and easily absorbed by the body to ensure fast-acting relief. Our 500mg disposable Full Spectrum CBD Vape is designed to be a quick and effective way to administer your CBD.


More Info About the Cartridge:


  • Non-Toxic, BPA-Free & Lead-Free Composition
  • Glass Tank


VivaOil wanted a cartridge designed to avoid burning or overheating the oil. Our cartridge has a fully encased heating element that guarantees the oil never comes into contact with direct heat - this ensures that the original flavors of the hemp extract & terpenes in your VivaVape are preserved.


Attach a battery pen to the VivaVape Cartridge and you are ready to go! We offer the option of adding a rechargable 350 mAh Battery Pen to your order.

Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge - 500mg // 1ml

Battery Pen
  • Ingredients: full spectrum CBD hemp extract, hemp terpenes

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